Believe that used CNC punching net customers are aware of and all kinds of material plate in processing will appear different degree of deformation, do some sheet has become into the cylindrical, but what causes the uneven, our customers like don't know much about it, today we analysis why CNC punching net stamping will be uneven, and we should how to solve this problem.

One reason, and material related. The extent of different materials after punching deformation is not the same, so the deformation degree is the largest, it is difficult to leveling, this is because of the stainless steel, it has a certain toughness, so late leveling is difficult to achieve and didn't flush before the same smoothness;

Two reasons, and the aperture, the hole distance. Hole more small spacing denser and flatness is bad, CNC punching force rushed a needle and a stainless steel plate stamping process is equivalent to the stainless steel plate annealing, so the wood hard, good leveling.

Three reasons, the impact of the flatness is the edge of the plate. Leave a margin greater smoothness is not good especially opening rate is larger, and the diameter of the large and square blank large is not particularly good leveling. But don't worry, leveling equipment we have professional will do the maximum possible to flatten the school board, the convenience of customers.

In summary, punching net (punching plate, round hole mesh, sieve) after processing, need to be leveling. The so-called "leveling", that is, the use of such equipment, and other equipment will be CNC punch press plate to restore the original flat situation. And often even after the leveling cleaning plate punching, during which it will use lubricant for disposal, the CNC punching plate cleaner.

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