What is the role of using grid cloth in the building?

Mesh cloth used in external wall insulation construction, will not produce "hot bridge", "cold bridge" phenomenon, with a good building energy efficiency. In the winter, when the heat of the room through the wall mesh insulation material will be isolated and retained, and when the indoor temperature down the wall of the heat will be released, adjust the indoor temperature; in the Summer, the external grid mesh insulation will also prevent the sun's radiation and external heat into the room, so that the indoor environment, "Dongnuanxialiang", four seasons pleasant, residential indoor environment and physical function has been significantly improved. At the same time, the external grid mesh insulation system can also play a role in protecting the main structure. The external insulation material is placed on the outside of the main structure, which reduces the influence of the outside temperature, humidity and various kinds of radiation on the main structure. Under the repeated action of the summer high temperature and low temperature, the building body often causes the cracks and shortening caused by thermal expansion and contraction Life, external grid mesh insulation can minimize this adverse effects. External wall grid insulation technology, so that the insulation material placed in the main structure of the outside, thereby saving the indoor space, effectively increasing the use of area.

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