A facility is inserted between the source and the receiver so that the sound wave propagation has a significant additional attenuation, thereby weakening the noise influence within a certain region of the receiver.

Production methods: the sound barrier is on a metal plate on a certain number of holes in air layer after leaving a certain amount, placed in the middle of the rock wool, rock wool products with excellent sound insulation and sound absorption performance, the sound absorption mechanism is this kind of products with the porous structure, when the sound pass, due to flow resistance the effect of friction, a part of the sound wave is absorbed by the fiber, hampered by the acoustic wave transmission. So that the incident sound wave resonance absorption, so as to achieve the effect of sound absorption. Perforated board sound barrier has been widely used in highways, urban viaducts and other places. Sound barrier material from the PC board, the earliest development of acrylic plate, color steel plate, aluminum and other metal materials. Aluminum sound barrier features: light pollution, anti glare, anti ageing, shock resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, absorption coefficient stability, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, easy processing, easy transportation, convenient disassembly, maintenance cost is reasonable, and can be painted in different colors, and has many advantages of high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, resistance high speed airflow impact etc..

The principle of sound barrier: in the process of sound waves, the sound barrier encountered, there will be three kinds of reflection, transmission and diffraction phenomena. We usually think that the sound barrier can prevent the propagation of direct sound and make the transmission sound attenuation sufficiently, but the influence of transmission sound can be ignored. Therefore, the sound insulation effect of noise barrier can generally be expressed by noise reduction, which reflects the ability of the above two kinds of shielding sound. The insertion of a sound barrier between the source and receiver, with infinite barrier, the past only from above the diffraction acoustic barrier, and then formed a sound shadow zone, like light covered by an object to form a shadow. In the acoustic shadow, people can feel the noise is significantly reduced, this is the sound barrier noise reduction effect.

The sound barrier structure and use: the sound barrier is mainly composed of steel structure column and suction Shengbing insulation board is composed of two parts, the column is the main stress components of sound barrier, it is welded and fixed on the road or rail crash wall edge embedded steel plate through bolts; sound absorption board is the main component of sound insulation and absorption, it is formed by high strength spring clip is fixed on the H column of groove, forming the sound barrier. The design of sound barrier has fully considered the high speed road, urban light rail, subway wind load, traffic vehicle impact safety and all-weather outdoor anti-corrosion problem. It has beautiful appearance, exquisite production, transportation, convenient installation, low cost, long service life, anti noise especially suitable for overhead high speed road and city rail, subway, sound insulation and noise reduction is the most ideal modern city facilities.

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