What to pay attention to when buying screens

You want to look carefully

The main function of the window is to prevent mosquitoes from flying in. In addition, the screen can also block some of the dust from entering the room. The window with the parapet can also prevent the children from falling from the floor, which can be said to have many functions. At present, the market a wide range of screens, all kinds of screens have their own advantages and disadvantages, may wish to see.

Flat mobile screen

This kind of screens are mostly used in old houses. The windows of old houses are mostly translatory, so the screens are also translated with pulleys, which has the advantages of low price, good wind resistance and tightness, and does not occupy an area. The disadvantage is that the appearance of more traditional, long-term use easily deformed, sliding with a long time after the push-pull is not flexible, due to the reduction of the old-fashioned windows, this screen is gradually eliminated products.

Magnetic stickers screen

The biggest advantage of this screen is cheap, simple structure, and easy installation, no need to change the window structure, DIY can be achieved, but also can be settled in the door, is conducive to summer ventilation, the disadvantage is that the style is not Beautiful, windy performance is poor.

Invisible screens

Invisible screen is widely used in recent years, a kind of screen window, it can push and pull, handsome in appearance, strong sense of art, and even half-open and closed, very convenient, but this screen also has shortcomings, it is larger gap guide, dust , Catkins will be plotted on the track and not easy to clean.

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