Stainless steel wire in the course of the occasional black, which is the composition of raw materials and a relationship.

The main elements of stainless steel is iron, nickel, chromium three, that is, these three kinds of metal alloy products, three kinds of metal can be produced in different proportions, the stainless steel products also have different performance, the appearance will be different. Iron content of the same circumstances, the higher the content of chromium stainless steel wire on the more bright, the higher the content of nickel the darker. If the chromium and nickel content unchanged, iron content will increase, it is the appearance of the product to determine the initial situation.

If the use of blackened in the situation is caused by oxidation, which is contained in the iron element of the oxidation will quickly black, does not show signs of rust.

Then there is the production process, the wire drawing machine lubrication is not good enough, frictional resistance is too large, stainless steel wire surface heat caused serious damage to the metal elements within the wire, alloy composition precipitation, and thus the surface black.

Stainless steel wire mesh is not a single reason, in order to solve this problem need to solve from many aspects can be.

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