Stainless steel mesh is generally not corroded, but nothing is absolutely true. Corrosion fracture of stainless steel mesh is a corrosive fracture occurring under the action of stress and corrosive environment. Generally speaking, stainless steel net in the corrosive environment, after the external stress, will accelerate the rate of corrosion damage. The simplest case is the result of the superposition of these two factors, in a particular corrosive environment, the metal material from stress, corrosion damage is minimal, and when subjected to a certain stress, although the stress is sometimes much lower than Stainless steel mesh itself, the strength of the limit, after a period of time, even the ductility of a very good stainless steel mesh will be broken. This damage is often without any omen, and the damage caused is very serious and often catastrophic.

Stress corrosion fracture of the necessary conditions generally have three:

1, special environment;

2, must be the role of tensile force;

3, stainless steel net itself poor quality.

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