Why stainless steel wire still rusts

The high price of stainless steel wire is mainly due to its strong resistance to rust. However, the ability to resist rust does not mean that stainless steel wire is truly rustless. Because of the name of stainless steel wire, some people have some misunderstandings about its performance. At the same time stainless steel wire also has the ability to resist corrosion of acid and alkali containing media, which is corrosion resistance. However, its ability to resist rust and corrosion changes with the material of the stainless steel itself, that is, the composition of the internal elements, the external environment, the conditions of use, and the like.

Stainless steel wire is a chromium-rich oxide film formed on the outside of the stainless steel wire, so as to prevent corrosion molecules in the external environment from infiltrating, and to obtain the ability to resist rust. Once the outer film breaks, the corrosive factors in the air enter and the stainless steel wire continues to rust. Therefore, it must be noted that the outer film of the stainless steel wire should not be damaged. Stainless steel wire must also be protected and treated as much as possible so that the stainless steel wire does not rust.

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