Galvanized mesh (round hole net) high quality galvanized sheet as raw materials, through advanced CNC machines.

Raw material: galvanized sheet metal.

Classification: galvanized mesh and can be divided into cold galvanized mesh, galvanized mesh and the electric galvanized mesh.

Features: stamping, smooth surface, smooth, beautiful, strong and durable.

Four, specifications: 1 x20m coil plate, plate 1 x2m, can also be customized according to customer needs processing.

Five, usage: mining, pharmaceutical, food selection, indoor sound insulation, sound attenuation, grain ventilation, mechanical protection.

Six, galvanized mesh features:

Easy to processing molding; Can spray paint or polishing; Easy to install; Attractive appearance; A variety of the thickness of the plate; Many choices of aperture and arrangement; Good sound-absorbing effect; A lighter weight; Long service life; The size of the accurate; The wear resistance of super-long.

Seven, galvanized mesh classification:

Cold galvanized mesh, galvanized mesh and mesh, galvanized

Cold galvanizing is the same after oil removal, rust removal, no pollution, infiltrating the artifacts that hangs in special on the cathode in the plating bath, use zinc anode. Connected to a dc power supply, zinc ions on the anode to cathode migration, and on the cathode discharge, make the artifacts on a layer of zinc plating layer method. Hot dip galvanized coating thicker, generally for 30 to 60 micrometers, coating anticorrosion ability is higher. Suitable for outdoor work steel parts, such as mesh, wrought iron fence, large size fasteners such as relatively long-term rust "rough" artifacts.

Also called hot dip galvanizing zinc, iron and steel workpiece after oil removal, rust removal, no pollution, infiltration of surface, immediately immersed to heat the zinc in advance to melt the plating tank, the workpiece surface to form a layer of zinc plating method. Early iron water pipe is galvanized.

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