Stainless Steel Security Window Screen

 Insect Screen

Can create a safe and comfortable private space, while mosquitoes can’t break into the room

1.Material: 304,304L,316,316L stainless steel wire

2.Wire diameter: 0.8mm

3.Mesh/inch: 11

4.Weaving: plain weaving

5.Panel size (W *L):750mm*2000mm/2400mm, 900mm *2000mm /2400mm, 1200mm *2000mm /2400mm

Other sizes are also available for requirements.

6.Surface treatment: black/gray powder coated

7. Feature:

1)High protective security and theft-proof, bullet-proof

2)Effective to defend insects and flies

3)Perfect flat surface and equal aperture and wire diameter

4)Easy to install ,Easy to clean, no smell,

5)Ventilation, high tensile, sun-shade

6)Acid and alkali resistance,  high temperature resistance,  good corrosion resistance

7)Can meet Australia standard, pass knife test,  impact test.

8)Looks clear from inside to outside,  but blurred from outside to inside

8. Application
Security screen is used in office building, house, hotel, swimming pool,airport, hospital, bank, school, nursing home etc.

Insect Screen  Insect Screen

Insect Screen  Insect Screen

Insect Screen  Insect Screen

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